InkWay USA Refill System

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OVER $500 in inkjet refills


How much are you currently spending for Printer Ink each month?


$40.00, $60.00, $80.00 or even more?

What if we told you,  you could have OVER $500 in inkjet refills! 


We're InkWayUSA and we're sharing the secret printer manufacturer's don't want you to know.  You can actually refill those cartridges you have been throwing away and spending hundreds and in some cases, thousands, of dollars a year on replacing.  Don't replace.  REFILL - RE-USE - RECYCLE!


  • Refill the inkjet cartridges you already own over and over again with this kit.
  • Professional Customer Service 559-434-1000
  • Premium Ink made in the USA.
  • Save Time - Save lots of Money.
  • You can Make extra money refilling for others.
  • You may then request Refills (4 bottle pack or 6 bottle pack or 10 bottles pack of Ink) when you run out of ink. (pay only a bottle pack shipping & processing fee)


InkWayUSA ™” is a simple, complete “no mess” inkjet refilling system.


1. Pull out your inkjet cartridge

2. Refill it with ink

3. Put it back into your printer and save a lot of money


This refill kit gives you over $500.00 of inkjet cartridge refills. Each kit is easy to use and saves you hundreds of dollars compared to the purchase of new inkjet cartridges.

  • An interactive website (http://freeink4life.com/support.htm) gives step-by-step detailed instructions on how to refill over 500 different types of cartridges from different manufacturers. 
  •  Depending upon your printers cartridge #’s an accessory pack might be needed that will last for the life of your printer.
  • 5 easy to use refill stations are compatible with all the leading manufacturer cartridges including HP, Lexmark, Epson, Canon, Brother, Apple, Dell and more.
  • 5 120-ml bottles of high quality black and color ink formulations (including Dye, Pigment & Photo Inks) are included. 
  • A 36 piece Accessory Tool Kit that has everything you need; 1 hand-drill, 3 large silicone plugs, 4 small plugs, 1 sheet of 20 black tape flat plugs, 3 pair - plastic hand gloves, 1 Syringe and 4 syringe ink dispenser tips. 
  • The handy “InkWayUSA™” outer box can be used as a refilling workstation platform, keeping everything organized and right in front of you.
  • You may then request Refills (4 bottle pack or 6 bottle pack or 10 bottles packs of Ink) when you run out of ink. (pay only a bottle pack shipping & processing fee)


OVER $500 in inkjet refills for $99.99!

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Jessi , 09/19/2011

I homeschool my 5 kids which means ALOT of printing. I was changing cartridges every other day. This is saving me so much money. And the colors are perfect. When I was having my cartridges refilled at stores the color was coming out "green". Now I get new cartridge color every time and no trips to the store.

Reviewed by Louisa , 09/07/2011

Works like a charm! This makes everything so copmletley painless.

Reviewed by Jamie R, 07/27/2011

Wow, this was amazing and so easy. Thank you freeink4life.

Reviewed by Chris T, 07/27/2011

I printed a bunch of stuff just so I could try the kit. I was so excited by the idea. It was awesome. So easy and I can see how I will save a ton of money over buying refills.

Reviewed by AK R, 07/27/2011

I am totally amazed at the superb quality of your customer attention skills ! I have never had follow-up calls or e-mails to make sure I am being helped. Wow, all businesses should have their sales personnel be trained using your model ~ it is so refreshing to run across folks like you ...... gives me hope all is NOT lost in this economy. :-) Wow ! Got the ink ALREADY ! ! ! Wow, you folks can't be from this planet ! I have never experienced such awesome service ...... and the kindness of everyone there shines !

Reviewed by AG, S, 07/27/2011

I have used this kit for 2 years now and have saved an amazing amount of money on ink. My daughter is a photographer and artist, my wife an editor and me a marketing consultant - we print a lot of pages/photos. This kit has also helped me feel good about not putting my cartridges in the landfill. And oh yeah, it is EASY to use. WOW!

Reviewed by AW, M, 07/27/2011

I cannot tell you how surprised I was when I opened up the box. This kit is huge! I've got three printers at home and to my surprise, I have refilled all six cartridges with success. If I had just bought one cartridge, it would have been almost the price of the entire kit! I refilled all six of my cartridges and still have ink left!

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