6-Bottles- 120ml each = 720 Mls or 24.3 ozs of inks

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InkWay USA Jumbo Double 120mls Bottles count as 2-60 mls bottles.

**There is over $100.00 in inkjet refills in each 60 ml bottle. And over $200 in inkjet refills in our 120 ml bottle

We charge a shipping, handling and processing fee of $6.50 per 60 ml bottle.

The inks are free. You are not paying for the $100 or $200 value of inkjet refills in each bottle but just a shipping and handling fee per 60 ml bottle.

By picking an ink bundle your shipping, handling and processing fee goes down in price the bigger the bundle you pick.

Everything is based on $6.50 per 60ml Bottle of ink.

Jumbo Double 120mls Bottles count as 2-60 mls bottles.

Ink Quality


Our inks provide bright, vivid, amazing colors that resist fading when used in conjunction with premium plus photo paper. Our researchers and engineers carefully consider both permanence and durability when they develop our new ink formulations. Permanence refers to how well a printed image lasts over time-whether it fades when exposed to sunlight, heat, humidity or airborne pollutants. Durability refers to how well an image resists accidents-such as spilled water, smudging and fingernail scratches. All of our inks meet rigorous print permanence and durability tests. Our inks offer radiant color, enhanced shadow detail, and reduced image grain for stunning color prints and exceptional black and white images. Our inks create up to 72.9 million rich, brilliant colors to bring photos to life. Our inks, when used with premium plus photo paper, provide light-fade resistance superior to that of lab-processed silver-halide photos.

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